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I love flowers. You may have already seen numerous photos of flower bouquets on my Instagram profile that my dear hubby gifts me every now and then. They make me happy even when I am at my worst mood and I think they are the best way of conveying messages. Thank you Appleyard London for sending me this gorgeous Harmony Bouquet along with a box of yummy Belgian chocolates! I absolutely loved them. Appleyard London is a UK based boutique florist. The flowers are fresh and hand conditioned for better longevity. Being a boutique florist, these luxurious flower bouquets are designed with uniqueness and love.

The bouquet from Appleyard London came to my door on Monday morning! I can’t tell you how happy and excited I was to receive these gorgeous flowers on a boring rainy Monday morning. Appleyard London turned my tragic Monday to a magic Monday. ☺

The bouquet I received is called the Harmony bouquet. All the flowers are arranged together so well that it gives an amazing touch of elegance. The colours of all the flowers used give a very subtle look and make it a very special bunch to gift to someone special. I adored them and could not stop taking photos shot after shot.

Appleyard London has a great collection for every occasion; you name it and get it. They have even got a very good delivery service. The bouquet came in a beautifully packaged box which says a lot about the love and care with which it was made. ☺

So you lovely people out there, there is a good news for you all. If you want to buy these beautiful bouquets from Appleyard London you are entitled to 33% off as my readers on their range of luxury bouquets (excludes flowers by the post range).


So order some finest quality seasonal flowers from Appleyard London and make your life a bit more luxurious with these wonderful bouquets or gift to your loved ones.

Stay healthy, Stay fashionable.

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Appleyard Bouquet-9816

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