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Hi everyone! How all have you been? The last 15 days have been pathetic for me as I was down with fever and chest infection. I am much better now. My husband has really taken good care of me and treated me like his baby and most importantly tolerated my worst tantrums and crankiness. Apologies for not being able to post for some time.

Capes are versatile and that is what I love about them. In this cold season when it is difficult to remain stylish while also keeping warm, a cape is a great fashionable coat alternative. Be it a comfy weekend outfit or a classy one, capes look amazing in all such occasions. You feel warm in it and they are great for layerings which is important for this season. I love wearing capes, and the one that I wore in this post is from Wallis. Wallis has got a great collection, so if you are still browsing for the perfect one, I guess you might get one here. đŸ™‚

How to wear a cape:

1.Pair a statement patterned cape with skinny jeans and accessorise with a slouchy hat. An effortlessly chic   look.

2. If you want to go for a more dramatic look, try to wear a below-the-knee cape keeping the other clothes simple.

3. Team up with a midi skirt and ankle boots to give that chic yet cosy look.

4. For a classy look pair them with some stylish pumps/heels and some gorgeous shades.

5. If you are planning for a weekend wear dungarees which look very good with it and is also very comfy.

Have a wonderful week! Enjoy and have fun

And as always

Stay healthy, Stay fashionable . đŸ™‚

cape- fashion reflection

cape fashion- fashion reflection

winter fashion- cape

hat- burgundy

winter fashion- fashion reflection

cape fashion- fashion reflection

winter fashion - fashion reflection

hat- burgundy

cape - fashion reflection

cape - fashion reflection

burgundy hat- fashion reflection

cape- black and white


Cape- Wallis

Hat- Krisp

Top- Asos

Pants- H&M

Boots- Forever21

Bag- Zara

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