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Hello ladies! Have you ever faced shoe bites or felt pain in your feet after being out for a long while in your heels? I am sure you must have. I have faced them too and it is extremely annoying because, quite often, it ruins the mood and spoils the fun. At some point or the other all of us get thinking about a solution to this problem. Of course the simplest option is to switch to a pair of flat shoes that you carry in your bag.Thanks to Sinderella shoes for thinking about such situations and coming up with a nice bit of innovation with foldable ballet flats and taking the comfort zone to the next level. I have recently collaborated with them and I have to say, my stripy day with Sinderella shoes was comfortable yet stylish!


They have designed a collection of foldable ballet flats that are super comfortable and stylish. They have a unique inner sole which is very comfortable and extremely kind to your feet.The shoes are stylish, comfortable and most importantly, easily fit into your bag. The outer sole is so soft that it can be folded into half which allows you to fit the shoes in a small black pouch bag which comes with the flats. So if you are going for a night-out with your friends and you know wearing heels for the whole night will be a tough thing, you can carry these ballerinas. Of course, they are so gorgeous that you can just wear them on a casual day. Just like it did on this post.

These Sinderella shoes are very travel friendly due to the way they have been designed. Every girl would definitely like to have a pair of these beautiful shoes because what matters the most is comfort. As I always say comfort is the key, if you are comfortable you will look stylish without working much on it.


With Spring around the corner, I opted for this cool stripy top with a navy pant (both from Zara) to go with these beautiful pink flat ballerinas to attain a Parisian chic look. Stripes are my wardrobe staples or rather, I am obsessed with stripes. I thought this versatile pink pair will look well co-ordinated with the stripes. To give that extra oomph to the Parisian chic look, I have completed the look with a neutral coloured beret. A pair of sunglasses would have added a special touch to this look but since the weather was gloomy and very inappropriate for sunglasses, I gave it a miss. 🙂

Girls, there is an interesting part coming your way and that is:

If you want to buy these beautiful flat ballerinas from Sinderella you can get a 20% discount as my readers. Use the code FASHIONREFLECTION when you check out.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get one and make your life more comfortable yet stylish!

Till then

Stay healthy, Stay fashionable 🙂

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