Spring Colour Vibes



Wake up! It’s Spring! Welcoming Spring makes me feel happier, fresh and full of energy. Watching the buds blooming into colourful flowers, my mind and body finds inspiration from the colours of the nature. Basically I am in a Spring state now :). You may also say there is a spring in my steps, he he! I just can’t wait for this grey, windy, rainy and absolutely chilly weather to get over. So let’s give a fresh new start to everything!

Coming to the spring colour vibes, there is an inclination towards softer colours of the colour spectrum during this time. An extensive mix of soft hues blended with warm tones help achieve that balance. The beautiful shade of pink I am wearing is very subtle and gives a very feminine touch to the overall look. Pastel pink being an epitome of elegance, is bang on trend for this season.To add a contrast and dimension to this subtle look, I have used a brighter tone for my clutch(bag) so that both of them look well balanced. The whole look is very simple and is perfect for day wear but works just was well if you have some evening plans. So if you are preparing your wardrobe for spring, make sure you add this beautiful pink shade to your wardrobe. For my lips I have used “heroine” by M.A.C and I absolutely love wearing it. It has become one of my favourites and I am going to continue wearing it through out the upcoming seasons. M.A.C lipsticks are highly pigmented and that is the thing that makes me fall in love with them.

I have recently got a new haircut and I am loving the bangs.Thank you everyone for all your lovely compliments on Instagram and Facebook. It really made my day. :).

Enjoy and have a fun filled weekend!

And always

Stay healthy, Stay fashionable. 🙂







Tunic: Dorothy Perkins

Blazer: H&M

Clutch: New Look (old. Not available anymore)

Boots: Deichmann

Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics

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  1. Avatar
    March 3, 2016 / 2:05 PM

    Can’t take my eyes of you, sizzling, the colors even am feeling so brighten up after going through your post. Lots of love n keep posting ❤?

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