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Hi all! So are you all ready for this beautiful festival of colours? The festival is just round the corner and it is time to enjoy and have fun. Holi brings joy and brightens up the mood. I have tried to reflect that mood on this outfit. This is just a very simple plain black jumpsuit from Mango but what makes it perfect for this holi is the multi-coloured vest which I got from India. I absolutely love this vest, as it is very versatile. Vests can be worn and teamed with so many outfits to get several different looks!

Since you all will be out in the sun to play  holi with your near and dear ones, I thought of sharing some tips to protect your skin and hair!

Here are some quick and easy tips to protect your skin and hair this holi!

  1. Apply oil or cold cream (they create a layer and don’t allow the colour to settle in your skin) on your body especially on those areas which will be exposed to the colours and sunlight. Sun block is a must, as you will be out the whole day playing.
  2. I should recommend using coconut oil for your hair. Try to make a knot or a braid, (helps manage the hair better) or use a bandana to cover and protect from the colours.
  3. After coming back, use moisturised cleansers or soaps with lukewarm water to remove the colours. Do not rub your skin too hard to get rid of the colours, it will naturally come off after couple of days.
  4. Moisturise your entire body with Johnson oil or olive oil. You can also use any calamine lotion. Apply petroleum jelly on your lips and ears to soothe them.
  5. If you like to go for natural remedies- use lemon to get rid off the colours or use flour with cold milk.


    Holii clutches are beautifully crafted and have that ethnic essence in their designs. I love their collection and the name is absolutely appropriate for such an occasion and the green colour is amazingly camouflaged with the background colour of the nature.

    Have a wonderful Holi celebrations and play responsibly without hurting anyone!

    Silver Pendant and Earrings From JUNK!

    Are you all drooling over the pendant and ear rings I am wearing? I think the answer might be yes 🙂 and it it is natural because the products are just fabulous. I personally love Junk products. It’s an online brand based in Kolkata, India. They have a varied range but the silver collections are to die for. I have opted to wear the pendant in particular with the outfit because firstly, I love silver jewellery and secondly, this piece absolutely compliments the vest and the jutis (mojris) wonderfully to give that ethnic touch for a perfect holi attire.

    And as always


Stay healthy, Stay fashionable. 🙂

holii clutch- fashion reflection

junk india-fashion reflection

holii clutch- pamela basu

junk india- pamela basu

pamela basu- fashion reflection

holii clutch- green

fashion reflection-pamela basu

pamela basu- fashion reflection

pamela basu- indianblogger

holii clutch- fashion reflection


Jumpsuit- MANGO ( similar one)

Earrings & Pendant- JUNK INDIA

Vest & Juttis- India

Clutch- HOLII

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