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Today’s post is all about these gorgeous jewellery pieces from Lily And Rose. An exclusive online jewellery brand whose name is inspired by the one and only fashionable TV series of all time “The Sex and the City’’. If you have watched the series then you can probably recognise these two names as the names of Charlotte’s two daughters. Being an obsessed follower of Sex and the City, I was excited when I came across this fact while I got to know about the concept behind the brand and honestly this was one of the reasons that encouraged me to collaborate with them. So you see, true love and passion for something is always appreciated :). I loved wearing them and they are truly a symbol of elegance in its true sense . To get a real feel of the individual pieces you can head over to their pop up store which is at 340 Kings Road, London.

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The designs are very beautiful and have a vintage aristocratic touch to them. I felt like a classy lady ready for my period drama. 🙂 All the three pieces I am wearing- the earrings, bracelet and the comb are sapphire gems and are beautifully handcrafted. The look I created here is very classy and chic. You can wear this look to any wedding or formal parties. It’ s a very lady like and feminine look and I am sure every girl would love try something like this at least once. I felt that it brings that feminine essence from within. This look would not have been possible without these gorgeous pieces as they are the elevating factors for the overall outfit.

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The Bracelet: MIRANDA SAPPHIRE ( Details as per their website)

This elegant bracelet is handcrafted from silver tone brass adored with Swarovski crystals that catch the light beautifully .

Length: 17.5-20cm

Width: 1cm

Crystals: 1.4 mm light sapphire – Oktant, Austria

5.33mm Saphire , Montana- Swarovski, Austria

Color- Antique gold,

Material: Brass

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The Earrings: ELLINOR- SAPPHIRE ( Details as per their website)

These perfectly proportioned cocktail earrings feature multi-faced Swarovski crystals.

Length: 3.8cm

Width: 1.4cm

Crystals: 14*10mm Oval stone sapphire (Montana)- Swarovski, Austria

6.0mm sapphire (Montana)- Onkant, Austria

5.0mm sapphire ( Montana)- Onkant, Austria

1.1mm light sapphire – Onkant, Austria

Color- Rose gold

Material- Brass

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The comb: SAPPHIRE (Details as per their website)

Ellinor hair slide is made from rose gold-tone brass and intricately detailed to resemble the vintage Art Deco hair slide. This pretty piece is perfect for slipping into your chignon at weddings or glamorous events.

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I hope you guys enjoyed the post, that is what matters to me the most. 🙂

Have a great week everyone!

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Stay healthy, Stay fashionable. 🙂

Check out their website for more designs at

and follow their Instagram account for daily updates

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