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As summer is round the corner in London and elsewhere it is already summer, I thought of getting back to something fresh and soothing in my bathroom stash! THE BODY SHOP -Fuji Green Tea bath and body range is one of my favourites right now. I did not get it as soon as it was being launched but now that the weather calls for something fresh and reviving, I got the body scrub, body butter and the body mist. These three will keep me fresh throughout the day and revive my body and senses!

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The Body Shop- Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub: (£15, Rs.1295 for 250 ml)

This scrub is gel based with micro granules and green beads which help exfoliate the skin very gently leaving your skin soft and supple. You can apply it on your damp body, scrubbing in circular motion and then rinse it off. As soon as you wash it off, you can feel your skin getting smoother and softer. I am sure you will love using it in your bath just as I do. Coming to the packaging, unlike other body shop products, it comes in a transparent plastic jar with a metallic lid. Since it is not in a glass jar, it is a great travel friendly companion. So wherever you go, carry it with yourself to keep your skin smooth and supple. 🙂

The Body Shop- Fuji Green Tea Body Butter: (£14, Rs.1095 for 200ml)

I think the Body Shop’s body butters are a classic staple and till date I have tried and used almost all of them. This one is slightly zingy and light and like the all others, it is not at all oily or greasy. Rather, it absorbs easily leaving the skin softer. I would highly recommend using this after the fuji green tea body scrub. Using the products from the same range helps the fragrance linger all around and that is what I always love to do. I apply this body butter right after I come out of the shower using the scrub during my bath. The smell of this body butter is really fresh and unisex so share or buy one more for your partner too 🙂

The Body Shop- Fuji Green Tea Eau De Cologne 🙁 £19, Rs.1295 for 100 ml)

This cologne is ideal for summer days. Light spritzing of this fragrance gets you ready for the day. I love the smell as it is very light, fresh and citrusy. The aroma lingers around all day long and the blend of the green tea and lemon makes it appropriate for the summer months. I mainly apply it on my wrists, back of my ears and neck. You are free to apply wherever you want he he!

I would really recommend this range for the summer time and let your skin feel rejuvenated and replenished and looking fresh 24×7.


Stay healthy, Stay fashionable. 🙂

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