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”Travelling- It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller.”- Ibn Battuta

Hi everyone! So if you have followed my previous post (if not click here to see the start of our Scotland Road trip). On this post I am sharing our experience of a trip to The Isle of Skye from the highlands. So the day began with a marvellous view of Lake Lochy surrounded by the green mountains! Ah! Morning coffee in my hand, me in my pjs πŸ˜› and a view from the window to die for, what else do you need to make your travel holiday a memorable one? I could have sat there the whole day but of course, that was not possible as we had big plans for the day ahead of us. After getting ready, my husband made me the yummiest breakfast and I was already starting to feel a bit spoiled on my holiday :). All set, we were ready to start our drive to Isle Of Skye with plans to halt at the amazing Eilean Donan Castle which is on the way from Fort William to Isle Of Sky!

Isle Of Skye is every photographer’s choice for capturing rocky landscapes and some picturesque villages surrounded by beautiful mountains and cliffs and not to be missed the magnificent medieval castles to explore as a true traveller. πŸ™‚ So if you think you like a blend of both, then Isle of Skye could be your ideal destination.

isle of skye- fashion-reflection

Beauty of Isle Of Skye!

isle of skye- fashion-reflection

I just want to travel the whole world with this person by my side

Eilean Donan Castle was our first stop. Actually I always wanted to visit this castle as I have seen so many marvellous pictures of it and from then onwards the beauty of Eilean Donan Castle has just dragged my interest towards it. This is one of the most iconic attractions to visit in the Scottish highlands and it was well worth the trip. It was raining quite heavily in the morning so we couldn’t stop at the view points on the way but the drive to the castle was fantastic with the road winding through some amazing rugged terrain through the mountains. It can get a bit busy though as the road ultimately leads to the only bridge to the Isle of Skye. The castle is surrounded by some majestic scenery. As we reached there, it was drizzling a bit, the rain drops on the river on which the castle sits was looking beautiful, I guess writing and photography cannot do justice! Somethings in life just need to be enjoyed through your eyes:) After clicking some pictures for the Blog and some for personal memories we had coffee and sandwiches at the cafe with a view of the Castle from the window. You all must be thinking this girl always talks about views and views haha! Yes I do because I am a view lover πŸ™‚

Eilean Donan Castle- fashion-reflection


Eilean Donan castle- fashion reflection

Eilean donna castle- fashion reflection

eilean donna castle- fashion reflection

Frame that!

Eilean donna castle- pamela basu

eilean donan castle- fashion reflection

pamela basu- eilean donan castle

eilean donna castle - pamela basu


was our next stop. It is a beautiful harbour town and probably the largest town in Isle of skye. The whole place  is surrounded by mountains and the harbour is a fantastic place to settle down for lunch. All the restaurants face the harbour so here again, enjoying the food with an awesome view of the harbour is what I had in mind. But honestly the food we had in one of the restaurants was the worst in this whole trip. All of them serve lunch till 2pm but we were slightly late and our main restaurant of choice (the Sea Breeze Restaurant) was not serving lunch anymore. After the lunch, we walked up towards the town centre where there is a beautiful spot to take pictures of the harbour with the pastel coloured houses/ restros. The best way to visit The Isle of Sky is to stay there for a day or two but since it was just a dray trip for us, we had to set off on a 3 hour amazing drive along the coastline of the Isle of Skye.The picturesque drive up north from Portree along the A855 through to Uig and back down via the A87 is not to be missed if you are on a day trip to The Isle of Skye. There are plenty of attractions on the way including the Fairy Glen, hike up the Old Man of Stor for some spectacular view of the surroundings. But we missed all of that as we were bit short of time.

portree- fashion reflection

Portree! I love the pastel colours

portree- fashion reflection

fashion reflection- pamela basu

looks nice but tasted yuckyyy!

portree- pamela basu

Here are some clicks we collected on the various points of our road journey! I have already lived the moment and now I am sharing them with you all as memories from my Scotland diaries. I hope you all enjoy! πŸ™‚

Have a lovely week ahead everyone and as always

Stay healthy, Stay fashionable. πŸ™‚

scotland- fashion reflection

A roadtrip is worthwhile! πŸ™‚

scotland- fashion reflection


isle of skye- pamela basu

So windy it was!

scotland- fashion reflection

loved the drive!

scotland- pamela basu

Jacket is a must as the whole place is windy all the year!

scotland - fashion reflection

scotland- pamela basu

Like a traveller! love the shot!

isle of skye- fashion reflection

scotand- pamela basu

Yes I use GoPro Hero4 for my videos!

scotland- fashion reflection

A view to die for!

scotland- fashion reflection

scotland- fashion reflection

Diaries of a wanderlust!

isle of skye- fashion reflection

scotland - pamela basu

Dinner on the way back! Loved my mussels! do you guys like?

scotland- pamela basu

A drive to remember forever!

Isle of Skye-4434

scotland-fashion reflection

Isle of Skye Bridge

scotland- fashion reflection


scotland- pamela basu

This was the view I used to enjoy every morning with my coffee and me in my pj’s πŸ˜›

Outfits: all old clothes.

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