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To travel is to live.” – Hans Christian Anderson

Hello everyone! This is the third part of our ScotlandRoadTrip! As I said earlier everything was pre planned for this trip but no amount of research can beat the actual experience. This day was mostly spent driving around the edges of the Loch Ness. But we did not go Nessie hunting in the lake this time. The day started with a trip via the A82 on the eastern shores of the Loch Ness to the Urquhart Castle. This beautiful castle sits just beside the Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. I will highly recommend going to this castle when you are in the Scottish Highlands. Unlike all the castles which are magnificent this castle’s beauty is somewhat different.

fashion reflection- Urquhart Castle

The dramatic Urquhart Castle!

Urquhart Castle if I had to sum it up in words, I would say that this castle is very dramatic, mostly in ruins, but has a grand tower with a stunning view of the iconic Loch Ness. The castle has been witness to quite a few momentous events in Scottish history. The remains and the ruins take you back in the medieval period and you get a glimpse of the happenings, and if you are like a day dreamer like me then you would definitely be successful in going back in time. :P. We managed to reach early in the morning to avoid the peak hours when all the tour coaches arrive as we wanted to see and shoot the picturesque place when it was less crowded. The whole place has to be explored by walking, but it is not a very big area and can be even covered by people with less mobility (except the grand tower). The day was sunny and we had a wonderful time together exploring the castle, taking some good shots

pamelabasu- scotland





urquhart castle- fashion reflection

The view of the Loch from the castle!

fashion reflection- pamela basu

I have smelt better flowers before 🙂

urquhart castle- pamelabasu

Scotland day 3-3898

fashion reflection-urquhart castle

Enjoying the view and the weather was fantastic 🙂

fashion reflection- pamela basu

And then enjoying lying on the grass 🙂

fashion reflection- pamela basu

I love this shot!

fashion reflection- urquhart castle

urquhart castle- scotland

castle- urquhart

castle- urquhart

The whole trip was all about enjoying the beauty of the drive through out the Scottish Highlands. After leaving the castle we kept driving northwards along the A82, listening to good music, snacking, taking some shots and living the moment for which I am known among my closed ones hehe! 🙂

fashion reflection- pamela basu

outfit perfect for a road trip! 🙂

road trip- fashion reflection

Road trips are not measured by mile markers but by moments!

fashion reflection- pamela basu

The man behind my stunning shots and the reason for my glowing skin 😛

fter the wonderful drive along the Loch, we reached Inverness, often considered the capital of the highlands. Inverness is 30 mins from Urquhart Castle. So if you plan to visit Urquhart castle, Inverness is a must visit or vice versa. The name “Inverness” comes from the gaelic ‘Inbhir Nis’ which means “Mouth of the Ness”, it’s not difficult to guess where that comes from. We had some refreshments, as Raj got to take a break from his driving. We had a little romantic time sitting on the river bank opposite the Inverness castle as we gladly gave the castle a miss, as I did not want to spoil the moment :). The Inverness castle looks so so pretty from outside but unfortunately there was some construction work was going on, so half of the building was scaffolded thus ruining our shot of the beautiful Castle.

fashion reflection- inverness castle

Inverness Castle!

Inverness- castle

Inverness- fashion reflection


Tomatin Distillery coming to Scotland and not visiting a distillery is like playing cricket without a bat. hehe! Do make a point to visit at least one of the many lovely distilleries because this is the land of scotch whisky. Scotch is a combination of just three ingredients Water, Barley and Yeast (and time of course). Yet each distillery produces the golden liquid with it’s own distinctive taste. So after we left Inverness, it was time to visit Raj’s favourite spot in the highlands! We spent the better part of the afternoon tasting and buying some good scotch. :). we have the tour a miss as we had done it on our previous trip to Scotland (and we also had to save time and head towards our next distillery).

Tomatin- Distillery

Welcome to the Tomatin Distillery!

fashion reflection-pamela basu

Bye bye!

So after Tomatin we headed to another distillery and this one is one of the most popular distilleries in the highlands, The Dalwhinnie Distillery. I cant express in words how beautiful the drive was from the Tomatin distillery to this place. A good part of drive was through a narrow road lined yellow flowers on both the sides  with streams meandering through the fields; it seemed like the path is taking us to some dream place. The distillery falls in the village of Dalwhinnie. In the distillery you can see the making of the malt whisky and of course you can also take the whisky tour where they will give you a vivid explanation about the process involved in the making. Raj was so happy to get what he was looking for; some limited edition stuff . Of course he could only take a very small sip as he was driving. In fact I got to do a fair bit of tasting on behalf of him :). Who wants to learn driving? Finally, as content customers we bid adieu to the beautiful place with some lovely memories of a day well spent as we headed back towards Fort William. If you visit the highlands you should visit any of these, each one has it’s own distinctive place in the single malt map- Dalwhinnie, Ben Nevis, Tomatin, Glenfiddich, GlenLivet, Macallan, Glenmorangie and a few more.

fashion reflection-pamelabasu

The beautiful drive to the Dalwhinnie Distillery!

pamela basu- dalwhinnie distillery

Distillery- fashion reflection

Up for a drink anyone?

fashion reflection- dalwhinnie distillery

It is also a nice place to take photos 😛

dalwhinnie- fashion reflection

Our day3 journey went quite quite well and on the way back home we visited  a small boutique cafe in the village and had some food 🙂

fashion reflection- pamela basu

The cute boutique cafe in the village!

fashion reflection- scotland

On the way back!

scotland- fashion reflection

scotland- fashion reflection

Enjoy our travel moments through these beautiful shots!

Have a lovely week ahead everyone!

And as always

Stay healthy, Stay fashionable. 🙂

fashion reflection- pamela basu


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