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”What is it about the English countryside-  Why is the beauty so much more than the visual? Why does it touch one so?” – Dodie Smith-

Bibury, Cotswolds

This is Arlington Row in Bibury!

I love the english countryside and when I think of picturesque villages then Cotswolds seems to me like a place coming right out of a storybook! There are so many beautiful villages to see in Cotswolds, so it was difficult for us to choose a few from the many. From London it took us around 2 hours by road to reach Cotswolds. Our first stop was Bourton-On-The-Water, a typically quaint village with stoned houses and a river running through it.  it’s one of the most popular destinations in Cotswolds. Most of the beautiful stone houses along both sides of the river are now shops and restaurants.

bourbon-on-the-water- cotswolds


cotswolds- fashion-reflection

After we reached in the morning, we sat at a cafe watching the waters gushing, children playing, people enjoying in the sun and of course me enjoying my cappuccino and chocolate raspberry cake. With a start like that, I had a feeling that this weekend break in Cotswolds was going to be a very memorable one for us. 🙂


Coffee, yummy cake and endless talks!

We took a little walk along riverside, holding hands together :). I must say ,I really enjoy these little trips with Raj. Far from the busy life in London, the small village trips are so romantic for us :). After the walk, we went to see the model village, which I would insist a must visit when you are in Bourton-on-the water. This is a miniature version of the entire village and it is actually very nicely done.

cotswolds- burton-on-the-water

The model village!

burton-on-the-water- fashion-reflection

cotswolds- buron-on-the-water

model village- cotswolds


cotswolds- england

Cute little gift shops in Burton-On-The-Water

cotswolds- england



By now it was past noon so we drove straight to Cheltenham, to check in to the hotel and venture out for some lunch. I was craving for something spicy, so we agreed to have some Caribbean food a place called Turtle Bay. The ambience was lovely for lunch and the food we had was delicious. I ordered a red snapper fish and Raj ordered a lamb curry. After washing it down with mojitos, we were so sleepy and tired that we decided to go back to our hotel for a late afternoon nap. It had been an extremely tiring week for both of us.

cotswolds- cheltenham

The hotel we stayed in!

cheltenham- sofitel

cheltenham- sofitel

Our room!

sofitel- fashion-reflection


On the way to the hotel, I came across this cute little ice-cream van selling fresh strawberries with local vanilla. The weather was warm and sunny and  needless to say, I had to go for one. Coming back to our room, I took a relaxing bath, tucked inside the soft cozy duvet, started reading a book and within minutes I was in sleep land. 🙂 When I opened my eyes, it was getting darker outside. Raj was already getting ready for dinner as he booked a table for us downstairs in the hotel. We started our evening with a bottle of merlot followed by some well presented dinner (mine was Salmon and he went for a steak). The day was quite relaxing and that is what we wanted. Now I was really looking forward to the next day as we were going to the place where I had wanted to go for a long time. Lights off!!!

cotswolds- england

Had the most amazing vanilla ice-cream with fresh strawberries!

cotswolds- england

Dinner at the hotel!



cotswolds, england

Morning with a view from the room!

sofitel hotel, cheltenham

The next day morning breakfast before going to Bibury!

bibury, cotswolds

Bibury! like a dream

Early Morning In Bibury!

Bibury, is often considered by many as the most picturesque english village! It is a picture perfect village, with beautiful cottages which have still retained their old world charm. This particular village was always in my bucket list as I have seen so many pretty shots from travellers all around. We planned to come to Bibury early in the morning because as it is getting ever so popular, there tends to be increased crowd and parked coaches as the day progresses. We wanted to see and capture the village on a quiet moment early in the morning with birds chirping, ducks quacking, a cool breeze in the  air. After parking our car, I hurried up to Arlington Row which is the most popular spot in this little village. It is a row of beautiful houses by the river. It was marvellous! There is a trout fishing farm where we went to feed the fishes. It was quite an experience!

I was completely in love with the village. We sat for a while, enjoyed every bit of the moment and said adieu! 🙁

cotswolds- fashion reflection

fashion-reflection- bibury

Outfit Look!

The dress I am wearing in Bibury is a very travel comfy outfit, perfect for summers and I accentuated the off-shoulder look with a milk maid braid and a bold lips to go with. I kept the accessories very minimal and not too tacky which could have spoiled the serene ambience of the place 😛

Enjoy the photos and if you all are day dreamers like me, then this place will surely transform you to a magical world! 🙂

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Stay healthy, Stay fashionable. 🙂

bibury- fashion-reflection

cotswolds- fashion-reflection

bibury- cotswolds










At the trout fishing farm!




Outfit Details:

White Stripe dress- Zara

Crossbody & shoes – Michael Kors

Blue off-shoulders- Asda

sandals – primark

choker- Forever21


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