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Hello everyone! If you regularly follow me on my social media, then I am sure you know that I have recently relocated to Singapore. New city, new experiences and yes loads and loads of food exploration! Being a foodie, I have realised that food is a consequential part of the culture. Having a diverse population, Singapore is a food haven and offers a wide variety of cuisines which include local dishes which find their roots in various parts of China as well as Indian, Malay, Indonesian Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and the list goes on.

Coming from London to this new city, the first couple of days was just about getting a feel of the general layout of the city and we wanted to find out the main areas where one can get good food. We soon realised that the Singaporeans are obsessed with food and whichever direction you go, there are always great options available. Nevertheless, one of the areas that was highly recommended was Chinatown

I have picked some of the places which appealed to us in some way or the other. Dining options in Singapore are varied and wide ranging – restaurants, hawker centres, food courts, just take your pick. Since I am a newbie in this city I decided to play it safe and opted to try some of the restaurants in Chinatown first. In the near future I am surely going to try the rest.


Here are some places in Chinatown we have tried (and liked) so far:

Momma Kong’s

Momma Kong’s offers mix of Chinese, local, Seafood and Singaporean cuisine. Situated in Chinatown, it serves some of the best crab dishes like the pepper crab, chilli crab, steamed crab and the crab bee hoon soup which is their signature dish. The ambience inside is very welcoming and the staff is really very friendly. With so many crab choices on their menu I could not decide what to order so I asked one of their waiters to explain and recommend some dishes. We finally went for the delicious pepper crab, barbecued sambal stingray, rice to go with the curries and some ice tea. Honestly the food was really worth it. My favourite was of course the pepper crab and I am planning to visit Momma Kong’s again very soon to try the chilli crab and the crab soup. Do note, it’s a small place so call and book a table in advance before you go.

china town-fashion reflection

Momma Kong’s Pepper Crab! yummm

momma kong's - china town

Momma Kong’s- Sting Ray fish!

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Nice little gift for us from the restaurant!

After having such a fantastic meal, we planned to head towards a dessert place as I am a dessert lover and there has seldom been a situation where I have come home after dining out without having had desserts. 😛 Raj found out this place and told me that he has done a bit of research on the place and it serves the best traditional desserts in China Town. I was looking forward to trying something new.

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Mei Hong Yuen Dessert

This is a traditional Chinese dessert place and is very popular with the locals. They are well known for pastes like almond, groundnut and sesame pastes. One of the most popular items on the menu is the snow ice. It’s nothing but a small heap of flavoured ice shavings topped with flavoured syrups and fruits. We decided to go for lemon snow ice and mango-strawberry snow ice. I have to say the mango-strawberry is a must try.

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The colourful and delicious snow ice!

Si Wei Mao Cai

If you are a lover of spicy food then you will probably love Sichuan Cuisine and of the best place for Sichuan Cuisine in Singapore is Si We Mao Cai in Chinatown (located right next to Momma Kong’s). We went there on a weekday after one of Raj’s colleagues at work recommended it and we weren’t disappointed. The prices are very reasonable and it gets really busy in the evening.

We tried out the veggies in a soup, chilly chicken and poached cabbage. The food was really good and I will definitely go there once again.

singapore-fashion reflection

Come dine with us! 🙂


The veggies in a soup! Spicy spicy!

china town-fashion reflection

The chilly chicken!

china town-fashion reflection

The poached cabbage! This one was my favourite of all the dishes we had there.

Din Tai Fung

This is a hugely popular restaurant chain which has it’s roots in Taiwan but is spread over several countries in Asia Pacific as well as in Dubai and US. They have several branches in Singapore including one in Chinatown.They serve the best dumplings I have ever tasted in my life. These are actually called Xialongbao which is a kind of steamed bun, not unlike typical dumplings but the main difference is in the filling. It has a solid filling along with a little bit of soup. Individual pieces are small enough to put in our mouth in one go and the first bite is just heavenly as the soup bursts out to take you on a journey of flavours! Words aren’t enough to describe the feeling. I wanted to scream OH MY GOD but only managed to repeat that 5 times in my mind as I gleefully chomped away with my eyes closed. They have several other really good items on the menu other than the xialongbao. The one that I really liked is the stir fried Dou Miao (Pea Shoots) in garlic. As I am writing this, I am feeling a huge craving to go there again, and I will. Tonight! 🙂

china town- fashion reflection

This was just the first lot of the order 🙂 some more coming up!

singapore-fashion reflection

Next comes the pork and prawn dumpling soup!

singapore- fashion reflection

Happy foodie 😛

singapore-fashion reflection

followed by some more pork and prawn dumplings of course not in soup hehe!


singapore-fashion reflection

And lastly some chicken!

I hope you enjoyed my first post on Singapore. I will keep writing more about this as we settle down to life in the new city.

Till then…….

Stay Healthy ,Stay Fashionable. 🙂

singapore-fashion reflection

singapore-fashion reflection

singapore-fashion reflection

Loved the architecture especially the windows!

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