Do we wear accessories only to look beautiful? I believe it is far more than that. There is a very special bond between an accessory and a woman. Wearing accessories bring out that character in you and adds a dimension to one’s personality. It is not just a fashion trend to wear them rather the idea is to wear it in a way to reflect your true personality! Accessories do make a style statement and elevate the look of your outfit and when it comes to style how can I not mention this classic timepiece from Marc Bale. The gold metallic knotted bangle from The Peach Box is just as elegant as the watch and worn together it’s like a pair made for each other.


It is a perfect combination of gold & black which will nevergo out of style. It is classic and forever! I love these two pieces as they bring that special classy touch to my overall look. You can wear a very simple everyday outfit but make it look chic with these two items. This classic unisex look of the watch brings out its versatility and can be teamed with anything and everything. The gold metallic knotted bangle is a sheer example of modern elegance and is surely a standout piece.



To create a perfect balance of the ensemble, I have opted for a monochrome look to go with the beautiful watch and the bangle and surely these two pieces have accentuated the overall look. I feel these two statement pieces go so well with my personality and that is one of the essential things we should look for when selecting accessories.

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Have a lovely day everyone!

Stay healthy, Stay fashionable. 🙂



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