festive eye makeup tutorial- green

Hello everyone! Christmas is coming soon and along with it comes the rush to attend annual parties, house lunches and dinner invitations. It’s time to look festive and feel festive as I believe feeling festive from within has a connection with looking festive! As there is a saying- ”There truly is not an occasion , that is not improved by wearing something FESTIVE”- by Emma Straub. So I thought there can’t be a better time to do this festive eye makeup tutorial I have tried playing with some nice emerald green eyeshadow to create an absolutely perfect party look for Christmas. Without any further a do lets get straight to the Step by Step process.

Festive Eye Makeup Tutorial:

urban decay- eye primer

urban decay- eye primer


Use an eye primer. A primer is used so that the makeup remains in place. I have used Urban Decay (shade- eden). You can use any brand you are comfortable with. After applying the primer you can use a concealer to hide the under eye darkness. Over here I have not used any concealer but if you want to do so go to this earlier post and check how I have applied the concealer.

eye makeup- tutorial


Blend everything very nicely with a beauty blender sponge.

eye makeup- tutorial


Take two tapes and apply them at the outer corner of your eyes as shown in the photo. This helps create the perfect winged effect on the eyeshadow to make it look more dramatic.

festive eye makeup- tutorial

eye makeup- maxfactor


Using this (shade- 55 Federal Brown by Maxfactor) as the transition shade on to my crease as shown above. Transition shade is used to merge colours and also to give a depth or dimension to the eyeshadow. Always try one or two shade darker than your skin-tone.

eye makeup-fashion reflection

sleek makeup- i-divine palette


Taking this shade (Deep Red Rust Metallic by Sleek Makeup I-Divine eye shadow palette) and applying it at the corner of my eyes with an angled brush to blend with the previous shade.

festive eye makeup- tutorial

sleek makeup- eye makeup


Now comes the show stopper (shade- deep moss green metallic by Sleek Makeup I-Divine palette)! Here is a tip on how to apply this beautiful emerald green shade. Dab the shade slowly on your eye lid and don’t blend it otherwise you will not get the actual colour on your eyes. Only blend the corners of your eyes with where this green colour meets the transition to achieve a smooth look.

festive eye makeup- green

festive eye makeup- green


Take this shade to highlight ( Shade- Buttermilk Metallic by Sleek Makeup I-Divine palette) your browbones. You can use any highlighter of your choice to highlight the browbones.

festive eye makeup- green


Gently remove the tapes and wallah!!!

festive eye makeup- tutorial

festive eye makeup- green


Take a kajal/ kohl pencil and apply it on on your water line.

festive eye makeup-tutorial


Take the same green shade and apply it on the lower eyelid and smudge it nicely to get a beautiful smokey effect underneath.

festive eye makeup- tutorial


Curl your lashes and apply some mascara.

festive eye makeup-green


Apply the eyeliner, here I have done a winged one but feel free to do what ever you think looks best on your eyes.

festive eye makeup- green


Blend the sharp edges with your fingers or a brush to make it look smooth.

festive eye makeup- tutorial

green eyeshadow makeup- tutorial

As it is a festive eye makeup, I have opted for a darker shade for my lips to give a nice contrast to the green colour. The lipstick I have used is Rebel by MAC. You can also use any plum or magenta shade to go with this look!

I hope you guys loved this look! Some more festive eye makeup tutorial coming real soon. So stay with me.

And as always

Stay healthy, Stay fashionable. 🙂


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