This month is madly moving fast, I mean it’s just a few more days to go till Christmas. I love December for two reasons: one, it is my birthday month and two it is Christmas!!! I just don’t want this month to end :(. I literally wait all year for this month and now when it is here the month is just whizzing past me! Anyways, I will not blabber or mourn why it is passing quickly but rather look to enjoy the rest of the days before I say good bye to 2016!! December is entirely about christmas and year-end parties. I can no longer afford to stand in front of my closet pondering what to wear on the day. I have to decide way in advance of  the day I actually wear them. However, going out for shopping for entire outfits each time you have to go to a party should not always be an option. So here is a simple yet chic outfit idea for Christmas which you can pull off very easily and quickly without getting bogged down with current trends.

trench coat- red

Shein Split Long Outwear Is The Key To My Christmas Outfit This Year!

This beautiful split long coat from Shein(shop the look)is perfect for this time of the year and the colour does reflect the festive spirit in the look. I have kept it simple and teamed this look with black pants and a white sequin top. When you are in a hurry and can’t decide on the outfit, the safest option is a basic jeans/pants which you can style with anything and that is exactly what I tried to present here. This festive chic look is easy to style and comfortable to carry and if you are not staying in a cold weather country but still want to style a winter look, then I guess this is the look which will serve the purpose without turning you into a roasted turkey :D. This duster coat is very lightweight and the material is very weather friendly (well at least for the warm weather in Singapore). I have not given much attention to accessories because I guess the trench is a statement in itself. Coming to shoes I have gone for heels but you can go for some ankle length boots as well. I am really a boots person and if you follow me on my I Instagram you will probably know that they are my favourite type of footwear. I decided to go for heels just to give a little bit of a kick to the look.

I hope you will all loved my outfit idea for Christmas!!

Have a wonderful time with friends and families and be positive everyday because that is what make us happy and keep on going in life!!!

Turn on your festive spirit because…. Santa Claus is coming to town!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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christmas outfit- fashion reflection

christmas outfit-red

party look- fashionreflection

party dress- fashion reflection

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