party dress- fashion reflection

And here we come to the last pages of 2016 as we are about to step into another new year. 2016 is filled with so many nice memories and moments and when it comes to memories photos are my best companion.

One such photo which is definitely going to get a place in my memory box is among the shots I did for E-Shakti. First of all let me tell you that as a blogger I get many collaboration emails everyday but the ones which actually go live on the Blog are the ones which appeal to me in some way or the other. The key thing here is that the product or service really needs to add value or be of relevance to me as well as my friends/readers. The first time E-Shakti got in touch, the name “E-Shakti” was what drew my attention! I told my husband that the name somehow represents the power of internet world to me. ‘Shakti’ means power in Sanskrit and E-Shakti represents empowerment.

party dress- fashion reflection

Rated among the 100 most innovative companies in the world for 2015 by the Internet Retailer, E-Shakti is a bespoke women’s fashion brand that focuses on creating clothes that look good on you and not mannequins! What I mean is, you can choose your own designs and then customise them from head to toe as per your measurement and also choose variations of necklines, sleeves, length of your outfit etc. So each piece that they ship is truly made to order and that too at a fabulous price. Of course, if you are not too bothered about customisation, the clothes come in the standard sizes by default so you can just go ahead and choose from some of the great designs that they have. I guess e-shopping for girls could not be made any easier.

dress- green

The amount of online shopping that we can do of products from across the globe sitting in our bedroom with just a few clicks is an amazing result of the internet times we live in. Although E-Shakti is primarily US based, I can now shop from Singapore as well, how cool is that!! Online shopping is also available for India and Australia. so guys do I have to say more? happy shopping!!!

My Look!

I chose this dress because I felt this is so festive and perfect for this time of the year. If you want to go for a classy look then this dress will do magic. I loved the quality and the colour is so so festive. Red lips and gold sparkly shoes …you are ready to roll!!!

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

It’s the best time of the year!!!


party dress- fashion reflection



party dress-fashion reflection



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