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Hello everyone. I am back from my India travel which was incredible where I spent some quality time in my hometown (you may already have seen some moments on my Insta feed). I am back in Singapore now and I wanted to write a post on some of the beauty products I have been using lately which I could very well say are my current favourites. Here it goes:

estee lauder- fashion reflection

Estee Lauder ( Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup Foundation)- 

This is one foundation which is so far one of the best in terms of long lasting effect and gives a great coverage. It is not water based which I prefer normally but this is quite good and blends with the skin easily. I will recommend applying the foundation with a foundation brush rather than anything else because as it is a bit thick in consistency, brush will help to blend it easily. Smells a  bit like paint which honestly I did not like much. The packaging is very classy and chic and the gold lid takes the cake. I would have loved a pump but it does not come with a pump that’s because I guess it is thick and would not come out with a pump effect so while applying be a bit cautious when pouring on to your hand, as it is expensive and you don’t want to finish it after 2-3 uses. if you are exactly my skin tone then go for 3N2 Wheat shade.

Tip- If you are not very comfortable using a foundation brush, I will recommend that you take one or two drops of your favourite water based lotion and mix it up with one-2 drops of the foundation and apply onto the face and then after 2-3 mins apply the foundation again as per your required coverage, this will help set your base perfectly.

stilla eyeshadows-fashion reflection

Stilla Cosmetics (Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye & Cheek Palette, Medium/Tan) –  

This palette has become my go-to travel palette as it’s all in one. If you follow me on Instagram then you have probably seen me drooling over this palette on my Insta stories. I have used this throughout Dec & Jan because of the beautiful warm tones which are just perfect for the season.The palette contains a base,four shades of eye shadows and two shades of blush. Curious which is labelled as the base, I use it as a highlighter and it looks great after the application. The eyeshadows- Captivating, Feisty, Daring & Magnetic are all fabulous shades and super pigmented, so you really need very little on the tip of  your brush to get the maximum intense effect on your eyes. I just love eyeshadows which are super pigmented and these four have become one of my favourites in my vanity. Captivating is a satin finish and a bit of champagne shade which is great as a highlighter as well. Feisty is a chocolaty shade and great for crease application on the eyes. Blend it with Daring which is a beautiful rose gold with a bit of shimmer and perfect for the lids. Magnetic is a dark purple shade and will look amazing when applied with a copper shade. The two blush shades Inspiring & Mysterious are amazingly intense and both the shades look beautiful on the cheeks. My personal favourite is Mysterious which is a dark pinky brown and goes well with my skin tone. The palette is very versatile and worth the money as you get so many options in one palette. I love the packaging and the mirror inside is really good for doing your eyes even if you are out.

Tip- All the shades in this palette are just great for creating smoky and dreamy eyes, so if you are a lover of smoky, smudgy eyes and love playing and blending shades this is one of the best. 

lipsticks- bobbi brown

Bobbi Brown ( Raisin 3) –

I am confused describing the exact shade of this lipstick. A plummy brown or chocolaty would probably be close enough but the thing to note about this shade is that it looks very different on everyone, so I would suggest trying out on your lip before you to buy. Bobbi Browns lipsticks smell very nice and I love their packaging as well. This shade will look very beautiful with some nice and warm tones on your eyes. Feel free to go for colour this if you are going on a romantic date as it is perfect for giving a very romantic touch to the overall makeup.

Tip- Moisturise your lip with a lip balm before applying the colour, when applied, blot with a tissue and re-apply the colour as a second coat. 

mac lipsticks- taupe

M.A.C (Persistence AC5) –

I accept that I am a little obsessed with MAC lipstick. As a lipstick lover I like trying out colours of different brands but if you even ask me even in my sleep about which is your favourite brand when it comes to lipsticks, I would answer MAC because I just love everything about them, the formulation, pigmentation, longevity. This shade is always there inside my makeup bag because the colour goes with every thing I wear on a daily basis. It is a brown cinnamon with terracotta undertone and makes my skin look very radiant. It is very similar to Taupe which is again one of my favourites but this is more mauve browny side. I guess I don’t have to mention how mesmerising the MAC lipstick smell is. They are divine. While using this shade, I just don’t bother to apply any lip liner.

Tip: Not for all skin tones, so give it  a try before buying. It is a close cousin of Taupe. So if you are torn between the two then you should always go got Taupe

effaclar- fashion reflection

La Roche-Posay (Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel For Oily Skin)-

This is so far one of the best foaming gel I have used in my entire life. This is not only under my January beauty favourites, I have used this through out 2016 and will continue using this. I have combination skin, oily in the T-zone area. Within a week of regular use I felt the difference and my skin looked so clearer than before and the texture became very smooth and even. I will not say anymore, give it a try if you have the same skin type like me.

clarins- eye makeup remover

Clarins Eye Makeup Remover-

This eye makeup is my absolute favourite as I do a lot of eye make up and this one helps me get rid of all the eye makeup in one go without having to rub hard. The formulation is not too oily which I like and I just need to soak the cotton pad on my eyes and all the makeup instantly gets wiped away. Really good, give it a try.

I hope some of the products and tips I shared will help you choose your own favs.

Till then have a lovely weekend everyone

Be Positive & Spread Happiness Like Confetti!

Love Pamela



  1. Avatar March 12, 2017 / 2:59 AM

    Ah, this is fabulous! Going to try that foundation next time. Thanks for sharing this 😃

    • Pamela
      March 15, 2017 / 12:49 PM

      The foundation is really nice and blends very well. Give it a try! Thanks for dropping by. Have a lovely day!

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