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The Magnificient Petronas Twin Towers!

malaysia- petronas towers

Fashion Reflection In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is an easy travel destination if you are living in Singapore or looking to travel to Malaysia via Singapore. This post is on our trip to Kuala Lumpur on a weekend when my parents were visiting us in Singapore. This trip was all about spending some quite family time together while out on the road without bothering about getting up early in the morning to take the best possible shots for Instagram and the blog posts, which we normally do when we are travelling. For me the most important thing is to make them happy while they are with us. That’s the least we can do for our parents for all they have given us. Okay, without stretching the emotional note any further, lets begin the journey.

malaysia- kuala lumpur

View From The Apartment

There are many options to fly to Kuala Lumpur from Changi airport, Singapore. We opted for Tiger airlines, which is a regional budget airline because when you re going to a destination which is less than an hour away, there is no point in wasting money on a full service airline (read: Singapore Airlines; my usual favourite) as you get little time to enjoy their brilliant services.

As it was a very much a happy family trip, I am sharing some of my personal moments here and I hope you all enjoy the shots. So let’s find out what they mean when they say ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’.

malaysia- fashion reflection

View From The Apartment We Stayed In:

Our serviced apartment in Kuala Lumpur, which was just beside the magnificent Petronas Twin towers & KLCC park, was absolutely beautiful and had some spectacular views. If you know me you will know how much I love waking up to beautiful views. (insta photo).My parents never stayed in a serviced apartment before where ever they have travelled, they have always stayed in hotels, so I thought it would be a different experience for them all together. As we visited Kuala Lumpur just the week before the Chinese New Year, we were lucky enough to see some gorgeous decorations in the city which was making the city look very festive.

Malaysia- fashion reflection

Miss This View!

fashion reflection- malaysia

Morning View From Bed! Goals!

Worth Taking Photos In Front Of The Magnificent Petronas Twin Towers:

The first place anyone would love to see in Kuala Lumpur is the magnificent Petronas Twin Towers. Its gigantic and no KL visit would be completed without seeing and taking some amazing shots in front of this iconic building. These were the tallest towers in the world at one point of time and as it is spectacular from outside it also offers some amazing sunset views over the city’s skyline from its top floors. Generally those floors are crowded with tourists so to avoid disappointment I would recommend booking tickets online well in advance of going to KL as there are limited tickets available by time slots. It saves time from standing in the queue and more importantly, you can ensure that you book the time slot you desire.

malaysia- fashion reflection

Thian Thou Temple

This is beautiful buddhist temple on a hill and definitely not to be missed if you are in KL. Its a short taxi drive away from Little India. The temple was brilliantly decorated for the Chinese New Year and the best time visit is just an hour before sunset so that you can see the lights switch on just was the natural light starts to wane. However the temple was closing down early that day due to a wedding that was planned so we had to go early in the afternoon.

fashion reflection- malaysia

Thian Thou Temple!

fashion reflection- pamela

Will Treasure This Shot! Me & My Dad <3

fashion reflection- pamela

fashion reflection- thian thou temple

The Colourful Little India, A Must Visit:

Well if you are ever in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, walking on the streets of Little India will make you feel that you are actually in India. There is a huge population of Malyasian-Indians in KL who have helped maintain the essence of india in this part of the city. I loved the place, it made me feel that I have been transported to India, all those mouth watering Indian dishes, vegetable market, Indian clothes shops all around and some beautiful temples located close by. We had authentic South-Indian thaali for our lunches and OMG what an amazing taste it was washed down with some fresh coconut water.

fashion reflection- malaysia

The Colourful Streets Of Little India! Love Love Love!

Yummy South Indian Thali For Lunch!

Chill Out With Some Drinks & Nibbles At The KLCC Area:

 This place is a good option for chilling out with some drinks and nibbles in the evening and enjoy the light and sound of the fountains in the garden with the Petronas Towers lit up above it. Quite a sight to enjoy. There are several alfresco dining options facing the garden and the water fountain. We enjoyed the evening with some tea, coolers and some yummy nibbles to go with and relaxed for a bit.

Evening at the KLCC Area!

Stand In Front Of The Beautiful Sultan Abdul Samad Building To Praise Its Architecture :

This beautiful building reminded me of Arabian stories. Its huge and stands along the Jalan Raja road. The building originally housed the offices of the British colonial administration and was known as the government offices. This building witnessed the Malaysian declaration of Independence. You see this building at anytime the day, it looks marvellous but in the evening time with all its lights on, it even looks prettier.

Fashion reflection- sultan abdul samad, malaysia

Sultan Abdul Samad! Beautiful Architecture!

sultan abdul samad- malaysia

An Experience Inside the Beautiful Masjid Negara, National Mosque Of Malaysia:

As an Islamic state, Kuala Lumpur has plenty of beautiful mosques. Amongst all the others, Masjid Negara is a wonderful place to visit as visitors where you will come closer to know more about the Islamic religion. Non- Muslim visitors are permitted to visit the mosque and go inside and in general all sections are open to explore except the main prayer hall which can only be viewed from outside. Women have to wrap their head with a scarf and cover their legs and arms. Don’t worry, if you  are not. At the entrance, we were offered purple coloured robes and headscarves and that is absolutely free. Inside the mosque, the ambience is absolutely serene and so well maintained. We explored all parts of the mosque as it was a very different and beautiful experience for us all together.

It Was Beautiful Inside The Mosque!

A Food Haven :

Due to its diverse culture and eclectic mix of religion, Kuala Lumpur offers a wide range of cuisines and one can surely surely get lost in the choices available. I was literally perplexed on what to order or try for my meals. There are endless number of options be it korean, japanese, indian, malay, chinese, Indonesean to name a few.

malaysia- food

Food Food & More Food Please!

Where To Shop:

Honestly we did not explore much on the shopping areas, did not want to waste too much time in shops but rather preferred to explore the other areas as locals. Nevertheless we went to China Town which is a buzzing place with loads of local street food options, souvenir shops but I felt a bit annoyed by the cramped rows fake designer goods. If you still want to enjoy shopping in a comfortable way and quality local items then Central Market is a better option. Its an indoor place which is air conditioned and you can literally

central market- malaysia

malaysia- fashion reflection

china town- malaysia

Climbing The Batu Caves- We Gave It A Miss But You Should Not!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post that we took our parents along with us on this trip, so we gave it a miss climbing the 277 steps of the Batu Caves.  We will plan to climb on our next trip to Kuala Lumpur and check out the calories burn too. 😛

I hope you all enjoyed the post!

Have a lovely day everyone!

Be Positive & Spread Happiness Like Confetti

Love Pamela.

fashion reflection

With MA!

fashion reflection- pamela


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