my awesome cafe- singapore

On Sundays normally I always feel awesome because it is SUNDAY! And I feel awesome because I don’t have to make breakfast on Sundays, that part is taken care of by my better half and when he feels lazy then we go out for brunches. So thank God Raj was too lazy to prepare breakfast last Sunday and as I woke up post breakfast time so we decided to go some where for brunch and ‘My Awesome Cafe’ was just perfect for that.

my awesome cafe- pamela basu

my awesome cafe- singapore

The cafe is full of love and by saying that I don’t mean they have designed their walls with all sorts of heart shaped decors/interiors, but the love of the entire team working for their lovely customers. Their benevolent behaviour reflects their passion for food and the values of the people coming here. This is one place where I have felt the love for food is real and more important than love for your business to meet your materialistic needs.

Franck, the owner of this cafe is truly a perfect blend of talent with awesomeness :). Such a polite and friendly person in nature and the best part was that even if it was extremely busy, he took time to come to our table to speak to us personally, as he did for most of the other patrons, sharing his story and journey to make this place as awesome it is. I guess it is his love and respect towards all his customers that makes this place warm and so welcoming

my awesome cafe - singapore

my awesome cafe- singapore

Coming to the food, it is their belief that their food is crafted to bring out the awesomeness in each ingredient and I could not agree more. To start with we ordered one vanilla protein shake and one awesome coconut drink which was served in a bulb shaped glass container   We decided instead of ordering two different mains it was good to go for the jumbo platter for two and the lady serving us insisted it is better to share than having it alone which will ultimately lead to wastage because it is not possible for an individual to finish off the entire thing. Meanwhile waiting for the food to arrive on our table, I could not resist myself from taking some beautiful shots inside because I was so impressed with rustic touch in the interiors, a whole lot of creativity and inspiration under one roof. Ah! The food did not take much time to arrive thereafter and it was love at first sight with the cheese oozing all over the bruschetta and the smell of the bacon calling out to dive into the platter. Both of  us are true bread lovers and the bread here was so fresh and soft we could imagine it coming right from the oven to our table, no stop in between. 🙂

my awesome cafe- singapore

my awesome cafe- singapore

my awesome cafe- singapore

my awesome cafe- singapore

The ambience is cool and relaxing (of course no tuxedos are required to enter this comfy zone). If you love food that will be sufficient to get inside the cafe. Over bulging with some awesome food we decided to rest a bit before we went for the dessert , and this is the time when Franck came to speak to us. I will share a very interesting story but try to keep it short. Once we had learnt more about his journey to the awesome cafe and and awesome team that had followed him around , I asked for his business card. He took out so many cards from his pocket all different from each other in prints and colour except for his personal details, I was a bit astonished, as I had never seen business cards like these. He said that he cuts all the packaging and cartons that come along for food delivery like the tea cartons, cereal box or drinks carton etc, and prints his details on the cards. I guess that’s what I would call true recycling.

pamela basu- singapore

my awesome cafe- singapore

The dessert we had was just amazing (I am trying to consciously avoid repeating ‘awesome’ too many times). Just a simple combination hot expresso with cold coconut icecream, heavenly! I knew this dessert before because I am a Nigella Lawson fan and she once made this dessert in one of her episodes.

fashion reflection- singapore

Because it was a Sunday brunch I decided to wear something absolutely comfy, a stripe dress from Forever21 layered with a Shein duster coat was my go to outfit for a perfect Brunch. I am obsessed with my new Michael Kors floral studded strap and I got a little bit of time to flaunt it post brunch.

As always two awesome people on an awesome Sunday had an awesome brunch at “My Awesome Cafe” – isn’t it Awesome!!

Have a lovely week everyone!

Be positive & Spread Happiness Like Confetti



michael kors- pamela basu

michael kors- pamela basu

pamela basu- singapore


  1. Avatar March 30, 2019 / 6:35 AM

    Dear Pamela,

    My name is Bong. I am Franck’s partner, Owner of My Awesome Cafe. I am the “hidden” creative behind the inception of Awesome.

    This morning Franck recited your blog and he read your heartfully written story out loud, very much like a proud schoolboy reading his essay in front of his classmates.
    I was touched; very very deeply touched.

    I won’t dwell into the recent challenges I was facing pertaining to my health (being creative, we often over pushed ourselves don’t we?), family and sustaining an SME in Singapore.
    Yet, your article has re-ignited the fighting spirit within me.

    Thank you, Pamela.

    If you can, please drop me a line and I hand something handcrafted – yes, limited edition “something” that we don’t retail – I want you to keep one please.


    • Pamela
      April 7, 2019 / 11:06 AM

      Hi Bong. Thanks for such kind words. I am glad you like it. Food was really commendable and that is exactly why I thought f writing a post on my Blog.

      you can reach me at : ( to share further details).


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