sonam kapoor cannes gold smokey eyes

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, since I posted any makeup tutorial for all of you. in fact it’s been a while since I posted anything. I have been travelling quite a bit for the past two months, busy collecting memories and good photos to share with all of you. Anyway without any further a do , let’s get straight into achieving this gorgeous Sonam Kapoor  cannes inspired makeup look. I loved and adored her gorgeous gold smokey eyes look at the Red Carpet. So here is a tutorial for you all and the dupes. I hope you all like it.

I have used my iPhone for all the photos as I had some technical problems with my DSLR camera. Enjoy the tutorial 🙂

sonam kapoor cannes makeup look


After applying eye primer and concealer on your lids (eye primer is used so that the makeup remains in place and a concealer is used to hide dark circles). Always use these two before applying eye shadows to get the desired colour and finish. I have not shown the application of these two here because I have already shown it in other tutorials. you can check here if you want to know more about the primer & concealer.

Step1- So after eye primer & concealer, take this shade and apply on your eyelids as a base colour.

Step2- Next, I have used Tarte’s Perfect Me, Perfect Hue (Shade- Feisty ). You can use any palette which has this shade (a bit between chocolate and brown) and blend this shade onto your crease line using this as your transition shade and so that it adds a depth to the eyes.

Step3-  Then take the golden shade ( again, I have use Tarte shade-Vintage) and start applying from the side to the centre part. Taking the same brown shade which you have applied on the crease area, apply it on your sides creating a v-shape and then blend! blend! blend!

Step4- Take the black shade (I have used sleek palette) and apply onto your ends, remember to blend and try to accentuate the outer corners of your eyes. Smokey eyes are all about blending.

Now, the whole game is about blending. Blend the black with the gold so that it doesn’t look patchy.

Step5- I have used an extra gold colour from MAC to get that metallic finish.

Step7- Apply your winged liner and voila! your Sonam Kapoor Cannes Inspired look is done!

sonam kapoor cannes makeup look


Remember to do your full face makeup after this smokey eye makeup to avoid any eyeshadow dust ruining your under eyes and may be your face.

I hope you guys have enjoyed the tutorial.I will be doing some more nice makeup tutorials soon!

Thanks everyone for your support because you guys are the best thing that happened to Fashion-Reflection!

Have a wonderful day

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