Thailand is full of beautiful islands! One should not miss the boat tripping/ island hopping experience when in Thailand as it offers some amazing tropical islands which bring back travelers again and again. We spent a long weekend in Phi Phi Island a short while ago and it was a fantastic experience. While we were there, we decided to do a boat trip around the two phi phi islands of Phi Phi Don (where we are staying) and Phi Phi Leh. We started early in the morning, here early does not mean we all woke up with the birds but around 9:00 am but honestly that’s still early for me when I am on a holiday 🙂

As I was not too happy to wake up and leave my bed so early, only after I refilled my energy with two big mugs of black coffee and fresh fruits for breakfast, did my body and mind decided to get in sync. All of us packed our essentials and hurried towards the beach to meet our speedboat which was a private hire as we were a relatively big group. The resort also arranges a daily tour for guests who are interested! But I guess it was by far the best decision to have our own boat because the fun we had was inexplicable and inexpressible :). You don’t need to stick to a timetable at each stop and you can do whatever you want during the duration of the boat hire and that’s a big difference from going on a standard tour with other strangers.

The weather was fantastic, bright and sunny and the sea was sparkling. I fell in love with the beautiful shades of the green water and the greenery in the islands as I admired the true beauty of nature. Our first stop was Maya Bay in the Koh Phi Phi Leh island, made famous by the 1999 Leonardo Di Caprio movie The Beach. I am sure you have seen some of the iconic Maya Bay pics before, but do try to go there before 10 AM to take some good shots without all the crowd and boats in the background.

When we reached around 10 AM there were quite a few boats, some long tail boats ( the traditional ones) some speed boats like ours but the beach was still not very crowded and it allowed us to take some good shots without too many distractions behind us. As we all came prepared to relax a while on this island, we took out our beach towels and settled down at a relatively quieter place away from the waves and crowd. Soon it became even more crowded as hoards of day trippers from Krabi and Phuket started arriving.

After clicking some girly shots in the water, the girls decided to sit on the sand and enjoy some lemonade and the boys, on the other hand, decided to enjoy the water.

Pretty soon it was time to move on to our next stop on the island. Soon we arrived at a more secluded area than Maya Bay which was less crowded and perfect for us to enjoy a dip in the water. Our boat was anchored, life jackets were still on for the guys as they wanted to float and enjoy the blue sky above. it is hard to resist yourself from the transparent glass like water.

Our boat driver took us to an area called the blue lagoon which was a cute little romantic spot. We did not get down in the water but just enjoyed watching some colorful shoals of fish swimming around us.

For the next spot, the guys were really excited because it was all about snorkelling and under water fun. Our driver stopped the engine in an appropriate place where it will be easier to snorkel and see maximum corals and sealife. I stayed back inside the boat, grabbed a lemonade from the ice box and relaxed a bit. The only thing I was regretting was not packing my swim costumes as we did not expect to go down for a swim or snorkel. Don’t make the same mistake as me.

Pretty soon everyone was completely tired and hungry as it was lunch time and we did not pack anything to snack on! it was time to head back to our resort. Our heart was fully satisfied with all that we experienced in this tour and now it was time to make our tummy happy and so we returned to our resort to sit down for some yummy lunch.

we capped off the afternoon with some relaxing massages at the spa and trust me after that island marathon we all needed it badly.

Thanks all for joining me on our adventures!!!( * ALL PHOTOS ARE TAKEN WITH HERO4)

Till then

Be Happy & Spread Positivity Like Confetti



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