Motherhood has taken me on a quest to do research on everything I buy for my little one. Before Aanayra’s arrival my first priority was to look for those essential products that I may need immediately after her arrival. So when I started researching on feeding products like bottles, sterilisers, warmers, I came across a couple of good options in the Singapore market but at the back of my mind I had something from my day in London where I saw all my friends using the tommee tippee complete feeding set. In fact we gifted one to a very good friend  of ours. But I always used to wonder how good is the product more importantly how easy will be to adapt to the product for my little one ! The only thing I wanted the most was a very good feeding set for Aanayra as I have heard that bottles become a baby’s best friend and a good bottle is essential to avoid gas and nipple intake issues. So it didn’t take much persuasion for me to go for the TOMMEE TIPPEE CLOSER TO NATURE COMPLETE FEEDING SET. The best part about this set is that a lot of the essential items come together in a nice package.

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Complete Feeding Set Review:

This feeding set has almost all the essential things you need as a mom to bottle feed your baby.

The set contains:

  • Electric Bottle Warmer:  The best part of this kit is the bottle warmer that comes along with the set (happy news for new moms) which I loved the most and this was the main thing which dragged me towards buying the product. When I did a research on some other brands their bottle warmers were not included in the kit and had to be bought separately. The warmer takes around 5 mins to heat a bottle of expressed milk which has been stored in the refrigerator.
  • Steriliser with bottle brush: The electric steriliser sterilises a maximum 6 bottles in one go in less than 5 mins and comes with a bottle brush to clean the bottles
  • Bottles : It includes 8 closer to nature baby feeding bottles, 4 small and 4 big
  • Milk Storage Pots : These small formula pots are very travel friendly with an easy to pour outlet that ensures minimum wastage
  • Insulated bottle Bags:  Again very travel friendly bags, fits into the baby bag properly keeping the milk warm inside and making your life easy. I use this sometimes at night as well as on the go.
  • some additional items like the pacifier and a  can also be very handy

What I like about the product

  1. Complete Kit: What I love the most about this product is that all that is required to bottle feed comes in one kit. Much better than buying the items separately which is not economical and may not be compatible if using different brands.

2.  Beautiful Packaging: I love the packaging. Yes, I know it should be the least important thing when looking out for baby products but to me it plays an important role as I love, appreciate and get impressed well designed products. The shape of the bottles are very different from other bottles available in the market and are designed to minimise gas and colic issues in babies

3. Feeding Nipples Closest To Mother’s- I am so so impressed with the feeding nipples, they are exactly designed like a mother’s nipples, so while having the milk from the bottle the baby actually feels she is breast fed (minimises nipple confusion for the little one). The feeding nipples are so flexible and soft and the nipple goes nicely inside the baby’s mouth only when she needs it so no possibility of force feeding :).

4. Mom Friendly Manual : The directions on how to use are pretty easy and mom friendly as I am not a person who likes to read elaborate manuals 🙂

5. BPA Free : All items are BPA free which should be a very important consideration when choosing plastic products which store food.

What I don’t like about the product

  1. Electric bottle warmer : I wish the warmer  would have come with a timer to set the time for the milk to get heated and gets turned off based on the timer. I often forget to turn back the dial to off position and it keeps on warming the water.

2.   Colour Options: I really wish if there was a pink colour option for the kit. I have opted for the black one which looks classy but a pink for my baby girl would have been much nicer. I came across pink bottles but not the full kit

3Optional Breast Pump: formula feeding is very convenient but at for the first six months beast feeding is extremely essential. However for various reasons breast feeding might not always be possible so the closest alternative is to express the milk and store in the fridge for future use. so a Breast pump with this set would have been very handy. I had to go to the market to look for a suitable breast pump.

The Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Complete Feeding Set is a big thumbs up and a great product at an affordable price to be used by new moms who are like me researching for the best things for their little ones.

Have a lovely day everyone!

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