Hello everyone! As I am writing  a post after a very long time, I thought let this one be a chatty post where I sip my cappuccino and talk to you all. By the way never felt away from you guys as you all have been so so supportive on each and everything I post on my social media. It feels like a big family who cares, love and support me in every aspect of my life. I can say with complete faith that today as a person, I am much more confident, self dependent and responsible and these three qualities have not only grown overtime but somewhere it’s you who being supportive and positive  and that has also played an important role to shape my inner strength and the person I am today. So, hugs and blessings to all of you.

  1.  Mother of Aanayra – Without exaggerating and putting interjections, I will say motherhood has given me an opportunity to know my other self which was hidden deep inside me and came into existence with the love I get from my little girl. Aanayra has made this chapter in my life possible and in spite of all the ups and downs that come with becoming new parent I have seen the real ‘me’ more closely who is not perfect but who is true to her immense and unconditional love for her baby girl. At the same time I am so enjoying my time with Aanayra. She helps me visualise my childhood days 🙂

2.  New Ideas For The Blog- If you follow me on my social media (Insta stories) you probably know what I am going to share with you all here. So from now on, apart from my regular posts on Style, Makeup, Travel & Lifestyle, I will be writing about HOME STYLE COOKING.  Home style cooking is somewhat different from restaurant food and If I start to cook like a chef, I would not go to the restaurant to have food. For me home cooking is all about comfort. It is a pleasure and not a pressure for proving yourself because your family, friends or guests will not judge you rather enjoy the food made out of love and warmth. So I will be writing about food which is easy to cook and enjoyable on your taste buds 😛

3.  Home Sweet Home- Shifting house with a 6 month old was not a very easy task but out of all these things, Aanayra was my first priority and I promised myself to keep her on her regular schedule without compromising with the hectic move. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. Best part was shopping around for new furniture and accessories especially. Out of all the rooms my favourite has to be Aanayra’s and decorating her room gives me an immense pleasure and somehow I feel it as a very peaceful space. I have to say I find myself going to her room every now and then to make small changes to the layout. Just can’t help it.  I am almost there in terms of how I had envisioned our new home would be like but it is a never ending project :).  The moment that I have come to cherish the most is when the three of us enjoy the Sunday breakfast in the balcony with a view of the lovely mix of greenery and city life spread out in front of us.

Anyways, after so much of blabbering about my life now, I am actually feeling much better and enthusiastic for a come back. Hehe.

Have a lovely weekend with your loved ones and wait for all the exciting posts coming your way after a long time.

Be Happy & Spread Positivity Like Confetti











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