one pan roast- fashion reflection

one pan roast- fashion reflection

When it is a lazy and cozy Sunday evening, my brain starts working on the easiest recipes which are simple to make and take very little effort and trust me this one is a winner.  So let’s dive into this delicious one pan Sunday roast I made for two hungry creatures.

And all you need to make this are:

  1. Sausages ( mine was the garlic flavour) but you can go for any sausages of your choice.
  1. Handful of Carrots or baby Carrots ( cut them according to your preference, I like to keep them half-lengthways for the roast.)
  1. Handful of baby potatoes
  1. A medium sized red onion
  1. Dried rosemary ( fresh is even nicer)
  1. Sprinkle of Italian herbs ( this is optional or if you don’t have simply use dried oregano and thyme.)
  1. 2-3 tbs olive oil

And for the delicious sauce: 

Chicken stock ( there is no such specific measurement, make according to your choice)

Half a tbs of butter

Onion granules mixed in the chicken stock( if not there take out the caramelised onion from the roasting tin and blend in the mixer and add in the chicken stock)


Pre -heat your oven to 180C/350F. Place the sausages, the carrots , the baby potatoes and the onions in the baking tray.

Drizzle over some good olive oil,

sprinkle some rosemary (do not over do it as excessive use of rosemary can give a soapy taste)

Add a generous amount of the Italian herbs as they smell divine.

First roast for 25 mins, take out the tray give everything a toss and flip over the sausages and Then roast for another 20 mins. Then add the delicious sauce into the tray and let it cook for another 10 mins.

Take out the roasting pan and enjoy your feast directly from the pan!

It is so easy, simple and takes no effort. You can even try out during the weekdays and call your guests/girlfriends over for dinner after work.

Have a lovely week ahead peeps

Till then

Be Happy & Spread Positivity Like Confetti



sausage recipe- fashion reflection

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