I love eating smoothie bowls more than drinking smoothies. The difference in both lies in the consistency and the artful decoration. Smoothie bowls are thicker in consistency, consumed from a bowl and looks beautiful when nicely decorated with lovely colours of nature.

Its like a frozen fruity ice-cream dream  packed with healthy rich foods and the best part is you can have it whenever you want and style with whatever toppings your heart desires!

I have used:

  1. 2 chopped frozen bananas (so normally when the bananas tend to turn a little black and nobody in the house feels like eating, I cut them in pieces and freeze them for my future smoothies or to make any shake)

2. Handfuls of raspberries

3. Some splashes of almond milk (be careful, use a couple splashes otherwise it may be a bit watery)

You can also use juice instead of milk

In a blender give them all a good blitz. Before blending, I would suggest let the frozen fruits get defrosted a little bit otherwise it will take more time to blend.

Pour the beauty in a bowl

And now my favourite part starts. I love decorating with whatever I feel like eating with it. Here I have used fresh strawberries, raspberries, some almond flakes for the crunch ( you can also use granola) and some Nutella to make it a nice sweet treat for me and my little one.

Mini me loves eating this as she loves fruits. Instead of giving her ice cream, I find this to be healthy as well as satisfying! 

Now let me share a bowl with her and do some fun painting to keep her busy. You can also try this and find peace at any time of the day 🙂

Until then

Be Positive & Spread Happiness Like Confetti



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