2020 has been a difficult year so far all over the world but amongst all the doom and gloom, the brightest spot has been the quality time spent together with family at home due to forced lockdowns. As of the mid of June 2020, as life and things have started getting back to normal but the general advice all around is still to avoid crowded places and spend most of the time indoors with only the nearest and dearest. 

 When it comes to celebrating something like Father’s Day, our family firmly believes that no special day is required to show your love to your loved ones but since its a good way to get spoiled for that someone you love, we can go with the flow and take that extra mile to make the person happy who means the world to us 🙂

Since this year is a little different experience all together, that doesn’t mean anything can stop you from spending some fun time with your dad. Sharing some ideas on how to celebrate Father’s Day while exercising  caution .

Serve Breakfast In Bed– Dad deserves a cheerful breakfast in bed when he gets up. This will make a relaxing morning for him to begin with. 

Serve Dad A King-Size Brunch- Arrange a delicious spread of all his favourites for  brunch 

A Nice Family Walk– Go for a nice stroll on a walking trail if that is possible in the current situation. The whole family can enjoy together.

Treat Dad to a Spa Session At Home– Like mothers, fathers too deserve a pamper time as parenting is not an effortless job. Treat him toa nice relaxing spa time at home by arranging some pedicure,hydrating face mask and a nice head and back massage.

Paint Or Do Some Craft Together- The times we are living in now, will surely be remembered in future. To make this Father’s day a memorable one, paint or do some crafts together and label it to make it special and extra memorable 

Camping & BBQ At The Backyard Or Your Balcony– Get ready with your crew to set up camp and BBQ in your backyard or balcony to make him feel like he is on a camping trip with family.

Arrange An At-Home Wine- Tasting – Arrange a restaurant worthy cheese board platter along with 3-4 different wines (there are some delivery services offering smaller sized bottles). All wine loving dads would surely love this experience!

Order Some Cocktails Of His Choice From A Place He Misses Going Nowadays- Some bars and restaurants have started delivering their  signature cocktails. This can be relaxing as well as a surprising treat for him to enjoy his favourite cocktails at home. Be sure you have the right accessories to decorate the drink.

Hope these little tips help you plan the day for your dad and make him feel special and loved all day long 🙂

Happy Father’s day to all the fathers out there

Stay Positive & Spread Happiness Like Confetti  




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